The benefits of fresh food

Our pets need a balanced diet to live a long and healthy life. The quality of their diet determines their physical appearance and, most of all, their well-being and happiness.

As it is for humans, the best solution for our pets is a balanced diet, based on fresh ingredients. That is why we created Freskissimo, the first pet food in Italy made of fresh food, with few ingredients prepared in the simplest way. The result is a single-protein food made of delicious 100% Italian meat chunks.

Freskissimo is a complete food enriched with the right quantity of vitamins, mineral salts and pea protein. Because of its formula, Freskissimo is suitable for dogs and cats of all ages and lifestyles.

The quality of Italian meat

In Italy, farmed animals meat must follow strict production protocols, and the supply chain is tracked to guarantee its origin and quality. The absence of environmental contaminants is guaranteed by capillary controls, that also ensure us that farmers avoid using forbidden substances. Our supply chain allows us to produce a premium quality food respecting the highest safety standards.

A simple preservative-free recipe

Adult and baby pets can now be fed with simple ingredients, providing the right intake of nutritious elements. Freskissimo is made by cooking fresh meat in the simplest way and just adding pea protein, vitamins and mineral salts. Freskissimo Chicken also contains carrots and peas in the right quantity.

The convenience of Freskissimo

In order to preserve its unique nutritional values and palatability, Freskissimo should be stored in the fridge. You can find Freskissimo in its apposite refrigerated counters inside pet stores; keep it between 0°C and +7°C once you are home. For your convenience we designed a resealable pack which can be stored again in the fridge after withdrawing the appropriate quantity of product. Before serving, leave the bowl of Freskissimo at room temperature for a few minutes: that is all you need to do!

Senza conservanti_logo

No preservatives added

Senza cereali_logo

Grain-free recipe

Alta digeribilità_logo

High digestibility


High palatability

Facile masticazione_logo

Easy to chew


Reclosable keep-fresh packaging



I have always been feeding my cat with dry or canned food, can I change his diet?

From a nutritional point of view, the switch will not require any special precautions. Your cat will immediately appreciate the deliciousness of Freskissimo fresh meat chunks!

How long can an open package last?

Once opened, a package of Freskissimo can be closed again and kept in the fridge for 5 days. Freskissimo is a fresh product, so remember to check the expiration date on the back of the bag.

How should I serve my pet Freskissimo?

Freskissimo is ready to be served. It does not need any more cooking, but you can add a couple tablespoons of warm water to a bowl of Freskissimo Cat to obtain a delicious gravy underneath. We recommend waiting for a few minutes for the food to reach room temperature. Do not forget to always leave a bowl full of fresh and clean water for your pet to drink through the day.

How many meals shall my pet have daily?

We suggest splitting the Freskissimo ration in two separate meals, to be served preferably after physical activity. For kittens and puppies it is better to serve three separate meals. Ask your veterinarian if you have any doubt concerning the health of your kitten or puppy.

How do I calculate the right ration for my pet?

You can refer to the chart on the packaging to find the perfect portion for your pet or use the calculator on this website.

Can I mix different Freskissimo flavours?

Yes, of course: the products are compatible and can be mixed. Just remember to respect the daily ration you can find on the packaging or calculate here.

Can I alternate different Freskissimo flavours?

Yes, you can: our products contain the same nutritious elements and can be alternated. Just remember to respect the daily ration you can find on the packaging or calculate here.

Should I supplement Freskissimo with other foods?

Freskissimo il a well-balanced and complete food, meat-based and enriched with the right quantity of vitamins and vegetable protein. It does not need supplementing with other foods, a daily ration contains all the necessary nutritious elements for the well-being of your pet.

Is Freskissimo suitable for puppies and kittens?

Thanks to its well-balanced recipe, Freskissimo is suitable for dogs and cats of all ages. You only have to calculate the right portion and split it in three daily meals.

How to store Freskissimo?

Store Freskissimo inside your fridge, setting the temperature between 0 ° C> + 7 ° C.

Where to find Freskissimo?

You can find Freskissimo in the best pet shops, stored in its apposite refrigerated counters.